Luxury Crystal Stone Facial ~ discover the chakra balancing facial revealing a radiant complexion.

Expertly handcrafted crystal stones from the heart of Australia have been selected for this tension melting facial that will have you relaxing more then a meditation session.

Our Australian stones exclusive to Stellis have been chosen for their ability to balance the chakras – the energy centres of the body.

Please select either the new or existing client option when booking, as skin analysis times will vary depending on a full holistic skin consultation or skinfit review to be performed at the appointment.

**Please note your skin consultation time at every appointment is pre-allocated and does not cut into your chosen treatment time.

Crystal Facial Offering

1hr 15 minute treatment – $170



This ancient form of therapy uses both hot and cold stones to increase circulation and blood flow, whilst also melting away tension and draining the lymphatic system to give you a sense of heaven whilst your skin glows radiantly. Relax in our heated cocoon like beds as tension melts away, massaged with our ruby balm enriched with a blend of essential oils designed to balance energy and bring calm back to your body.

Finishing with a Midnight Crystal Mask to energise, lift and hydrate. Skin becomes oxygenated and youthful, with visible results after one treatment.

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