Life is full of decisions, we are here to keep it simple.

All you need to choose is the length of facial time 60 or 90 minutes. Ritual or Remedy
Starting with a consultation, pre-cleanse and skin analysis, your very own bespoke skin treatment journey will be created to give you the best result on the day depending on what your skin is needing.

Lie back, let us work our magic to restore, correct and nurture your skin.

Please select either the new or existing client option when booking, as skin analysis times will vary
depending on a full holistic skin consultation or skinfit review to be performed at the appointment.

**Please note your skin consultation time at every appointment is pre-allocated and does not cut
into your chosen treatment time.

Stellis Ritual

60 minute treatment – $145

Allow 1hr + 30mins

Allow 1hr + 20mins

Artfully delivered and often referred to by our clients as “more than just a facial,” this result driven treatment is a highly sensory experience and customised based on what your skin needs on the day.

We use an array of skin enhancing processes such as an enzyme masks, steam, extractions, lymphatic facial massage, customised actives and a chosen anti-inflammatory mask with a décolletage, neck, shoulder and head massage to soothe and restore your skin, body and mind.

We use only 100% pure ingredients on your skin using the Dermaviduals & Roccoco Botanicals skincare ranges.

Finish off your journey in our Solstice Lounge and enjoy a Tea Tonic beverage and Loco Love organic chocolate.

Stellis Remedy

90 minute treatment – $189

Allow 2hrs

Allow 1hr + 45mins

This deluxe facial is for those wanting superior skin support and repair. If you want all the benefits of a Stellis Ritual but also love that extra massage time and advanced add-ons then this is for you!

We incorporate vitamin infusions, Led Light Therapy, advanced treatment masks, galvanic and high frequency technology + lymphatic drainage & sculptural facial lifting massage.

Finish off your journey in our Solstice Lounge and enjoy a Tea Tonic beverage and Loco Love organic chocolate.

Crystal Facial Offering

1hr 15 minute treatment – $170

Luxury Crystal Stone Facial ~ discover the chakra balancing facial revealing a radiant complexion. Expertly handcrafted crystal stones from the heart of Australia have been selected for this tension melting facial that will have you relaxing more then a meditation session. Our Australian stones exclusive to Stellis have been chosen for their ability to balance the chakras – the energy centres of the body.

This ancient form of therapy uses both hot and cold stones to increase circulation and blood flow, whilst also melting away tension and draining the lymphatic system to give you a sense of heaven whilst your skin glows radiantly. Relax in our heated cocoon like beds as tension melts away, massaged with our ruby balm enriched with a blend of essential oils designed to balance energy and bring calm back to your body.

Finishing with a Midnight Crystal Mask to energise, ,lift and hydrate. Skin becomes oxygenated and youthful, with visible results after one treatment.

Skin Consultation + Analysis

Allow 40 minutes $60

Our skin consultations are a 40 minute in depth look at all of the factors influencing your skin health.

We use an Advanced Skin Analysis method to identify skin type, cellular skin health and certain deficiencies within the skin to provide a personalised skinfit prescription using Dermaviduals & Roccoco Botanical Skincare.

We also identify possible internal driving factors that may be influencing your health and skin and refer on to our recommended naturopath if further investigation is recommended.

This appointment involves your skin being cleansed and then having a treatment essence and moisturiser applied. Clinical photos are taken to be stored on your file, along with in-depth treatment notes and therapist recommendations. We also colour match you to our Inika mineral foundation.

A customised skinfit prescription & treatment plan will be designed for you to help you reach your skin goals!

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